Treasure at Tampines

Last Updated: 27th September 2020

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Treasure At Tampines Clubhouse
Treasure at Tampines
Treasure at Tampines is proudly developed by Sim Lian Group Limited. Sim Lian Group has an extensive portfolio in residential, retail, commercial, mixed-use and industrial developments; and is attributed as an time-honored property development and an award-winning construction company which has an outstanding property development track record for more than 40 years.

Sim Lian Group’s exceptional track records projects include Hillion Residences & Hillion Mall , A Treasure Trove, Waterview, Clover by the Park, Vision Exchange, The Pearl at Mount Faber, The Linclon Residences, Viz at Holland, Rochelle at Newton.

Treasure at Tampines Location Map
Treasure at Tampines
Location Map
Treasure at Tampines is strategically located at Tampines Street 11 and is surrounded by 5 MRT Stations, 6 Shopping malls, and 2 bus interchange nearby. Drivers will find major expressway are within close proximity, i.e. Tampines Expressway (TPE), East Coast Parkway (ECP), Pan Island Expressway (PIE). Residents of Treasure at Tampines Singapore will find themselves residing in one of the most practically self-sufficient towns in the country.

Discover Treasure at Tampines – The Sparkling Treasure of the East of Treasure at Tampines and the Excellently-Connected Location Map of Treasure at Tampines.

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Treasure at Tampines
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The Building and Urban Designers (HUDC building and development companies) founded it in 1984 in district 18 (Passir Ris / Tampines) 120 Tampines street 11, Singapore 521120. The Tampines property consists of 560 resident apartment buildings in 14 sides.
A very challenging project is the Wonder of Tampines o, a contemporary architecture. 2,203 sets are in life. Relax at 128 luxurious 1-5 bathrooms apartments and dining areas. Come to Tampines, Heaven, where you really enjoy it.
Many homeowners would wonder if the most modern projects in Singapore above D’Leedon would be too difficult for them to supplier Tampines. Tampines is also one of Tapines, with over 70,000 homes and a fast drive from an 8,000 unit, the biggest private unit to purchase.
The strong market for an average PSF of about $1,100 was clearly illustrated in our sales revenues. The industry ‘s design and versatility support the highest SELLING condo in Singapore 2019. Control rates climb over $1,100 annually for cottages.
Accorder costs for SDN 970 million at SDN 952 million are SDN 676 per acre per squares foot, according to Huttons Asia Investment Analyst Terence Lian. SDN 952 million. It requires a 99-year term duration and a $359 million preferential bonus. — Supplying the owner ‘s profits for $1,71 to $1,75 million.
Check out Tampines’ real capabilities and comfort at Sim Lian Properties capped.
11 Tampines Treasury @ Tampines Street Why should your Treasure at Tampines?
1. protecting and closeness to the roots of Tampin
If you want to remain in your dream space, comfort is the secret. Tampines is situated in the heart of Tampines and near facilities such as the NTUC Supermarket can be purchased food. The cache is easy. Retail, Shop, Giant and IKEA are well-known and common in Tampines. This provides an extra chance to obtain the outstanding IKEA dishes and not forget IKEA fresh produce and fruit from Giant in Town.
• Rather close MRTs, not 1 but 3 are available.
Tampines West is just seven-minute walk from Tampines Gem, not just before the Tampines MRT. It is in the middle of Simei to the south. Since major improvements it currently has 6 floors and is the domain of the income cooperative of NTUC’s Frasers Centerpoint. It has 100 shopping centers and convenient access to many public transit forms. Shops such as Daiso, the FairPreice 24-hour grocery shop and the first Singapore J-Store have 8y chefs and Hanis Café and one of the 30 innovating Halalal Czech food and beverages manufacturing plants. Purchasers of the house often profit from comfort. In the Middle East field of Penrose, it is likewise a programme. The Eastpoint Mall is a children’s nursery and a nursery on the nautical hill, where many children want to travel.
• Assistance to Link Center Management
If you already have protection ratings, it is less challenging to move from Tampines to checking. Changi General Hospital is a few minutes walk from Tampines Diamond.
2. The Tampines Care Award
The desires or the amusement of the wealthy can not be included in Tampines.
It’s a boy. It’s a boy. He is a child. He is a child. In Gift, a gaming field, a hangar and on-site protection for 24 hours are two children’s play areas.
In the Tampines area there are several malls. Century and Square Tampines are found here 1. Established in 1995, the six-story square has been renovated in one year recently.
• Centre du siècle et Square du siècle
The 200.000 m area has a hundred years and 125 shops. Post refurbishment, it was reopened on 6 June 2018. The mall also provides the first interactive library in the region, where consumers can read downloadable books on their cell phones with digital space. The nursing homes were also fitted with fresh blankets, working lifts and escalators. The sector today is 216,055 square meters and shopping malls have increased from 125 to 218. The latest coproperty will also be introduced by Ford @ Bukit Timah. The Tampines Center has over 160 members. You and your relatives and the markets create a difference – firing at Tampines Market in the Golden Town.
• The pad’s middle
The core of Tampines is also on the route. Shops include beverages, treats and entertainment, for instance My English School, the Imaginative Kids Play STEM Learning Center, and the Nazi Tampines HomeTeam. In HomeTeam NS Tampines, Laser Hunt is planned to assist enterprises and educators in recreation, family events and team connections.
The Center Tampines provides numerous workout services for you and your loved ones. The 1800 squash courts in the Futsal field are open to the public and can be used for fun, basketball, soccer, Tazaku sepak and the patio. Indoors for Badminton and the sports center include a large auditorium with 20 courts and 1500 spaces. Six water baths, a hot tub for health and cultural tourists are also open. After a long day, it is ideal for work or exercise. The training center for level 7 is available for people involved in training throughout the third quarter of 2017. There is also an amusement path with lockers and a toilet with a shower every day from 7 a.m. to noon. FIFA-funded Biggest Pro Football Field is the most exciting aspect of the Tampins Sporting and Rugby Fans Center with a 5,000 seat floor. There is also a kid sky garden and a bbq area suitable for other services.
The five-story public library in Tampines also offers a broad range of classrooms and educational services and events. In future, indoor cookery training will be necessary for the Tampines Regional Library.
3. The Tampines College
• Elementary and Middle Schools
In Tampines, your kids can study in several treasure colleges. Changi Bethany Children’s Center, St. Hilda’s Kindergarten, Angsana’s Middle School, Jun Yuan Main, Gongshang Main and Chung Zheng are among others. For example. For example. As a case. Your job is, in reality, to handle Kidz Treehouse primary school students.
• Preparation center.
Secondary school in Tampines, High school in St. Hilda, high school in Pasir Ris, East Spring high school, East Viefing high school, high school in Chongkat, high school in Anglica, high school in Dunman, are also available. That’s an improvement. It’s a transition.
• Colleges and polytechnic institutions
University of Architecture and Technology in Singapore and Temasek. A leading local university is the Singapore University of Technology Design (SATD), Information Engineering and Architectural Creation (EPD), Integrated Technologies and Architecture and ISTD. Singapore became the first non-governmental agency to adopt a holistic solution.
4. Jobs growth in the neighboring Tampins
With its major firms, it can be reached within a very short distance from Seletar, Changi Airport, Standard Chartered, DBS, IBM and Changi Business Park.
OCBC and UOB have also moved to Hitachi and the Singapore Airlines for this marvelous venue, as well as other major companies.
5. Treasure sites in Tampines must be used
• Wildlife Parks •
Timah, the Eco Green Park and MacRitchie Waterfall, if you just like nature and love sightseeing, are gorgeous centers and services and gardens. The Tampines eco green Park connects you and your friends to the Tampines Cycle Track and Sun Plaza Park through park ties to the flora and fauna of the area. Birds are commonly seen and loved across the world. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of the highlights. A mountain bike trip and a walk with monks are also open to individuals and families.
The ancient sand quarry across Tampines is also located in the area. A look at the finest views! Here you are!
Including tourists to beaches, bikers, water fans and nature lovers, the MacRitchie Reservoir provides facilities. It’s the highest rain and water soldering reservoir in Singapore from a chain of rocks. The top of the tree in the reservoir MacRitchie helps you to look at plants and animals from the viewpoint of the bird on a forest fence. A 250 m span from the existing suspension bridge is the MacRitchie Reservoir. The 11 kilometers of the new road. You can even pick up a kayak and experience the water sports in the lake from the Paddle lodge. A separate area for beginners is situated at Paddle Lodge and another position for accomplished paddlers.
MRT Station Treasure at Tampines
Within five minutes by motor vehicle, domestic car buyers will enter Tampine via MRT or close MRT Tampine. The Tampine Expressway (TPE) can be found in the adjacent towns of Pasir Ris, Tampine, Punggol and Seletar. Pan Island Expressway (PIE) connects Tuas and Tampines Expressway to the east of Changi Airport in the western portion of the nation.
Tampines Bus Interchange is a contiguous building on Bloc 512 in the middle of Tampines, in front of the Tampines MRT Station. The trade in Singapore in Tampines provides about 27 busses, in order to reduce the time taken by the 4th Bus Exchange in Singapore. One of the features of Tampines Bus Interchange was updated to an easy-to-use bus and subway line in 2008. In 2008.
The central part of Tampines connects with other passengers via a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station and even a bus from the Buke Panjang northwest. You are linked by the bus. There is also a business bus from Tampines. At present, there are 35 stations in the middle of the city and in 2024 there are another 2.2 km to Sungei Bedok. There is actually a cumulative distance of 41.9 km. The East West Line takes you 51 minutes to Bukit Panjang, instead of 71 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes for workers of the Central Business District ( CBD) to meet your destination in the Tampines MRT downtown. It’s not so quick to fly! You would have three roads around central, eastwestern and bus routes and not just one line. You will have three.
Tampines West and Simei MRT Station can be reached a couple of minutes walk from Tampines Diamond next to Tampines MRT station. Free cycle floors often make it much faster and more efficient to work.
Sim Lian Developer’s Jewelry in Tampines site design contains a wide variety of WOW factor facilities. Lap pools, indoor parks, tennis courts, gym, bbq area and leisure centers as well as two party rooms are also well-known. There are also indoor swimming pools, whirlpools and deep ponds. Tennis lessons are ideal for anyone who wish to practice or develop their skills. Friends and family will talk easily and have fun with the place for a nice night at the barbeque restaurant. Many customers, newbies and trained practitioners, are provided with a large range of equipment. The highest quality facilities are given.
Treasure at Tampines offers what you need to make your life in the east easy, comfortable and pleasant. The high-quality condo provides 24-hour protection for healthy living conditions through daytime and night monitoring, and integrated SMART home systems. You have also rendered tampins with jewels.
Treasure at Tampines Master Plan comprises of a 72164-square-meter site with some 2203 units with a reasonably wide region on the land. (Standard space of 1-5 sqft 1722)
Therefore you and your coworkers would enjoy design and constructing and give you a magnificent view of the suburbs and the lush grass. * A broad living room with wide floors and modern appliances is integrated into the unit. The apartment comprises of 1 to 5 mixed dwellings for people searching for a home in close proximity to schools or work. To satisfy these criteria, specified units are appropriate for certain individuals , groups or families. Some rooms may be transformed to a research / laboratory or guest space for more study quite easily. The big floor plan helps people to adjust their living arrangements completely and escape into their own sanctuary. — The structure is suitable for an elegant house with a feeling of elegance and distinction, thanks to its excellent architecture and elegance and high quality decoration.
The constructor understands the most significant housing and connectivity criteria. You may expect us to be priced competitively, but give you the versatile look you like! To authorize our product, we need the authority to offer.
Here you will see the first audiences to see our design and product type.
Treasure is definitely a perfect spot for staying in Tampines. There’s no question. The construction project provides the high prices of land in the Emerging Tampine area and prospects.
1 b for an offer of $5,585,000 ($11,291 million) for 2 bn for a bonus of $1,204,000 ($145,000), and for an award of $1,875,000 brs for a combined print of $1,256,000 ($11,456 million) for an overall incentive of $1,495,000 ($12,556 million) for a reward of $1,875,000 brs for an offer of $1,256,000 ($145,000 million).
The prices of the rich in tampins may be changed to represent an increase or fall in demand and market conditions. Please send us an e-mail to make reservations through our hotline regarding the prices for condominiums, condominium schedules, PSFs and other land inquirements. For information. And more. And upgrade it to us. Please feel free to contact us for more information. You should email us directly to find out more about the project. This offers participants the opportunity to reflect on the product type that is better matched to their particular requirements. We are more than pleased to serve you and give you the finest facilities possible.
Reservations for apartments in the apartment at Tampines are required for anyone involved in the Riches. The project is suitable for people who want to remain in a spacious and luxurious house at one of the most famous and prosperous shopping malls in Singapore, restaurants and colleges. With its knowledge and integrity, the Sim Lian Party is among the most transformed entrepreneurs.
Prospective purchasers are legally authorized licensed for the intent of Tampines rates. Must be told that prices until developers are subject to change. Complete the questionnaire to find out the pricing of items you are involved in with your order from our sales team.
Sim Lian Holdings Ltd. is regarded as the main growth and production firm. It is also an organization with a wide variety of residential, family, business, industrial and mixed-use developments that provide the main pillars for an outstanding position, good production efficiency and effective strategic planning. It designs houses in Singapore for families over 40 years and promises excellent performance and well known production of land. She is one of the top pioneers in Singapore worldwide. Sim Lian Holdings Limited invests actively in Melbourne, Melbourne, as well as Dalyellup’s Sydney and Perth CBDs in many centres.
Sim Lian Holdings Limited begins with the modest origins of development of a distinguishing and integrity-oriented brand. Sim Lian Construction Co (Pte) Ltd, a wholly proprietary firm, also partners with Sim Lian Haltings Limited.
• Limited production of Sim Lian holdings
For five consecutive years between 2009 and 2013, Sim Lian Properties has already been listed, and in reality is in reality one of the 100 best brands in Singapore. Between 2000 and 2016, Singapore Trade was also one of the top ten developers for BCI Asia in Singapore, on the 16-year Singapore Trade motherboard. Software with both good and great performance
Treasure at Tampines is to launch sales until the related authority issues a permit. The Sim Lian Community Limited has an offer of benefits in the sum of $970 million ( approximately S$676 per capita), according to the Urban Retrofit Authority (URA). Ideally built and created, with high standards of quality, it demonstrates that a condo is one of Singapore ‘s key residential requirements.

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Treasure At Tampines Clubhouse
Treasure at Tampines is a newly launched mega development located at 118, Tampines Street 11, Tampines Court former site. The brand new 99-year leasehold condominium comprises 2203 residential units. The squarish, spacious, efficient layouts available are 1 to 5 bedrooms with different configurations.

Treasure at Tampines is a 12-storey height development with 29 residential blocks, within close proximity to 2 bus interchanges and superb connectivity to 5 MRT stations. There are plenty of amenities and 6 shopping facilities available near to the vicinity of Treasure at Tampines such as Tampines Mall, Tampines One, Eastpoint Mall, Century Squarev, One @ Changi City and Jewel Changi Airport – more than 280 retail and food options.

Future Treasure at Tampines Condo residents will find several reputable institutions and schools such as St. Hilda School, Poi Ching School, United World College, Temasek Polytechnic, and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Resident in Treasure at Tampines will benefit from FREE shuttle bus service to Tampines MRT station and Changi Airport for 1 year too! Read more about connected living at Treasure at Tampines condominium here – The Sparkling Treasure of the East.

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