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Treasure at Tampines Location Map


  • Excellent Connectivity To 5 MRT Stations
  • Free Shuttle Bus Service To Tampines MRT Station and Changi Airport For 1 Year
  • Shopping Conveniences At Tampines Regional Centre
  • Singapore’s First Integrated Lifestyle Hub
  • 21KM Cycling Network In Tampines
  • Family Bonding at East Coast Park
  • Forest Adventure At Bedok Reservoir
  • Tampines Retail Park


Excellent Schools

  • St. Hilda School
  • Poi Ching School
  • United World College – Largest UWC Campus in South-East Asia Catering to 5,400 Students
  • Temasek Polytechnic
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design



  • One @ Changi City
  • Jewel Changi Airport – More than 280 Retail & Food Options
Excellent Connectivity
So Much More to Discover
Local Delights, Daily Essentials
A Lifestyle Destination at the World's Best Airport
Bring Work and Schools Closer to Home
Discover Joy In Nature's Treasures
All Ready for an Active Lifestyle
Treasure at Tampines in buffers
1. Tampines Incentive Security and Simplicity
The very best place to remain is key to health. Health. The Treasure is found geographically in the midst of Tampines, close to the NTUC Supermarket. The courts, IKEA and Large in Tampines, the Retail Park are renowned and famous. It includes extra possibilities for furniture buying in trials, IKEA and does not overlook the wonderful food of IKEA and new Large fresh fruit and vegetables.
• Not one but three fairly similar MRT stations •
EastPoint Mall is located in the north and south of the city along with next to Tampines MRT. Because comprehensive refurbishing, it currently has six wide floors run by the NTUC Frasers CentrePoint leasing co-operative. That is just 7 mins from Simei MRT, Tampines West MRT. It’s a busy middle with 100 stores and many urban transit types which can be conveniently readily available for travel. You can find stores, such as Daiso, FairPrice Store 24h, first porridge shop in Singapore, which will be among 30 creative food and drink ideas on the road, in addition to 18 restaurants, Hanis Café and Bakery at Halal Eateries. Homebuyers convenience. At the center east it’s also referred to as Penrose. Eastpoint Mall shows the research places and a rooftop system that kiddies have a tendency to rest on. The center also offers cultural events.
• Take into account clinic services
When you yourself have skilled examinations, it’s less irritating to fly from Tampines for your tests. The general clinic in Changi is a couple of minutes’ go from the Treasure at Tampines.
2. Treasure area of Tampines features
The basic principles or enjoyable with Treasure in Tampines you will never be obliged to find.
He is a fellow. He’s a fellow. The Treasure at Tampines is complete with 2 child’s playgrounds, a discretion region and vehicle park places and a 24-hour security facility.
In the Riches area of Tampines there are many malls. Tampines 1 is Century Plaza and Tampines Road. Tampines 1. The 6-story Century Square was widened for a total of 12 months and finished in 1995.
• Tampines Mall and Sq of the Millennium
Millennium Sq, with 125 shops, occupies almost 200,000 m2. Following a repair on 6 July 2018, it officially reopened. The first e-library was installed in the shop in a supermarket. In the fourth ground, clients may study e-books using their smartphones in the active library. Both of these have now been changed in the aspects of healthcare, new bathrooms, new elevators and escalators. An expansion was also available. Really you can find 21,6055 square legs and their devices are up 70 per cent from 125 to 218. It can also be estimated that Forett @ Bukit Timah might release another condominium. It’s much higher than Tampines City’s 160-unit. You will provide other things, rather than centers, along along with your relatives – shooting at the Golden Community in Tampines City.
• Paddle middle •
There’s also the Tampines Core in the field. You can find food sites, stores with snacks, liquids and centres such as for instance My English School, the Innovative Child Perform STEM Training Center and HomeTeam NS Tampines. Laser Research study is ideal for companies and schools in HomeTeam NS Tampines on weekends, household conferences and correspondence.
You and your precious will take part in various sports services at the Tampines Hub. For floorball, handball, cricket, hockey, sepak takraw, a football subject, a hockey road, tennis courts and a activities corridor with 1800 pieces are needed. In addition to a activities center, there is a municipal audience which contains 20 courts and 1500 persons interior mint water. There is also a beach complex with at the least six bathing bathrooms, a hot tub for fitness fans and tourists. Following a long time it’s perfect for school or college. For those who wish to sort out in the next fourth fraction of 2017, the gymnasium at level 7 has been built. There is also a running route, accessible everyday between 0700 and 1200, with locksmith and baths comfortable. Probably the most important feature of the Tampines Center is the FIFA-approved baseball field Performance Process, which includes 5,000 seats, for activity and rugby enthusiasts. A number of other features can also be certified, like the child’s air garden and bbq trap.
The 5-story regional library of Tampines even offers a wide examine and enjoyable region, along with numerous schedule events. With the preparing lessons to be conducted in Tampines Regional Library, indoor kitchens will be required in the future.
3. Tampines-near schools
• Main colleges and pediatrics
Many different Treasure Colleges for your child’s schooling are available in Tampines. As an example, Angsana Key College, Angsana Principal College and Jun Yuan Secondary are Changi Bethany Kindergarten, Chong Zheng First College and Changkat Major School and Tampines Major school. Tampines Major School also has a student program of the Kidz Treehouse College to help look after them.
• Private institutions independent colleges
The second school of St. Hilda, the center college of Pasir Ris, the elementary school of East Spring, East View, the extra college of Changkat, the Anglican secondary school of Dunman will also be on the way. There’s previously progress planning on.
• Polytechnic Colleges and •
Temasek Polytechnic is also based at the SUTD (Schools of Technology and Design) in Singapore. Certainly one of Singapore’s primary regional schools of architecture and sustainable construction, Environmental Design, Programs and Computer software Construction, (ESD), and ITD (ISTD), could be the College of Pc Design. This is actually the only university to utilize in Singapore other compared to the Yale-NUS campus for a comprehensive standardized entry method.
4. Project Opportunities Treasure at Tampines
Citizens can take portion in companies such as for instance Seletar, Airport Changi, Common Chartered, DBS, IBM and Changi Business Park in just a short distance.
OCBC and UOB have since moved to function there because the area is great, as have major companies, including Hitachi and Singapore Airlines.
5. Must-see the Tampines concealed locations
• Ecology performs
Additionally, Bukit Timah Forest, Green Natural Land, and MacRitchie forest are area value a call in addition to major centers and attractions, if you adore real character and appreciate sightseeing. Tampines Green Natural Park relates to Tampines Biken Path and the Sunlight Plaza Park via the bridge involving the park to experience the beauty of flora and fauna, you and your liked ones. That is fabled for bird research and character love. Certainly one of its shows is the type arrange Bukit Timah, which supplies pile cycling and a walk with monks to collect knowledge regarding their cultural group and history.
The Quarry Website can also be found just throughout the Tampines boundary from the old mud quarry. Listed here is the ability for the best opinions!
The infrastructure across the Tank MacRitchie is specially ideal for outdoor adventurers, walkers, water activities supporters and lovers of nature. It’s the major reservoir in Singapore, that is part of the water and snow series network. You will dsicover woods and birds in the woods on a bird’s attention see on a tree-top walk in MacRitchie Park. On the popular 250-meter, standalone suspension bridge are at the greatest position of the MacRitchie tank. The organic way is 11 km long to ensure that readers who wish to perform aventurous actions can rent a kayak at the Exercise Hotel and have plenty of enjoyment on the lake. The location for newcomers and experienced paddlers is named in the Exercise Lodge.
MRT section Treasure at Tampines
In just a 5-minute get to house consumers with a sedan, you can fly to the Tampines MRT or even to centers across the Tampines MRT relating the Tampins Expressway (TPE) to the Pasir Ris, Tapins, Punggol and Seletar. Skillet Island Expressway connections Tuas to the Changi airport to the east along with Tampines Expressway.
The Tampines Coach Interchange is definitely an open-air venue on 512 blocks of the town middle close to the Tampines MRT Station. It’s definitely the last bus taxi in Singapore and the interchange between Tampines has around 27 bus lines that save time. The update in 2008, which means that the coach change is ready to accept coming solutions, combined with commuter bus route, is another particular facets of the Tampines Bus exchange.
There is also a Tampines Bulk Quick Transit Place (MRT), situated downtown path, combined with the town-service bus service, to link you with others from Bukit Panjang to Expo in the north-east. The city heart has now 35 stations, and from Expo to Sungei Bedok in 2024 you will find about 2.2 kilometres. Nowadays, that’s 41,9 km long. You take 51 moments and separate your trip 20 moments to Bukit Panjang from the East Western Range as opposed to 71 minutes. Through Tampines MRT you get about thirty minutes on the downtown lines for people used in the central company section ( CBD) to your destination. It’s less of a driving issue! You do not only have one course to operate a vehicle, you have three ways to transportation in the town centre.
Tampines West and Simei MRT Stop are within walking reach, as well as the Treasure at Tampines at the Tampines MRT Station. Even cycle-friendly floors make points significantly far more convenient and functional.
Was the Treasure at Tampines the very best spot for you personally and your household? Do not be frightened if you’re upset by this question. Tampines is one of Singapore’s most filled professional parts and has several benefits, along with its significance as a non-centralized industry centre. It’s very important to understand why many people in the island choose to contact that house.
Treasure at Tampines is associated with wonderful in Tampines
Comfort can be an significant element that really must be taken into consideration when trying to find a house. It’s extraordinary as Treasure at Tampines offers you a safe url to any or all areas of Singapore and elsewhere. Eugene Lim, an official Period tv system, informs you it takes only fifteen minutes to travel to the town of Tampines in the Treasuries.
Tampines has a large number of instructional features, from kids’ centres, primary schools and extra schools. The foreign academy, the Singapor College of Engineering and Design and Temasek polytechnic are a number of the academic services that take advantage of a trip through the Treasury.
Neighborhood features are also generally available, including health centres and several hospitals through the entire whole region. Hey, the Simei MRT E Andrews Town and Changi Standard Clinic are only several yards apart.
Treasure at Tampines is beyond the Tampines company center
In addition to the services for a stay at Treasure at Tampines, that is the better link for company and industrial development. It offers people a host of job opportunities close significant businesses such as for example Seletar, Changi Airport, DBS, IBM and Changi Company Park.
OCBC and UOB have since been used in company, among several domestic companies, such as major subsidiaries such as for instance Hitachi and Singapore Airlines.
The convenient exposure to these positions is a benefit for employees in the Treasure at Tampines and other employers in highly-paid employment. It is also the easiest way to help keep your daily life happy.
The area prosperity of the Tampines is created
Tampines are different compared with the rest, amid a lot of imagination and prosperity, of new cities or places that look imperfect and unwilling to survive. The different splendor with this place can only just be sensed whenever you stroll through the riches in Tampines.
Charming Tampines Luxury Parks
The Quarry Park is found on an ancient sande quarry in the suburbs of Tampines. There are no designated park roads and number hotels, but if you’re happy to be driving through the location, you ought to discover one of the greatest sights in Singapore. Of wildlife, bird seeing and satisfaction is perfect.
Bedok Tank is only a small travel from Tampines elegance, the rich natural middle, with gorgeous scenery and a superb environment. When you are a water sports fan, you will contemplate a great deal to discover here. In Tampines, southeast of the money, golf programs will also be open.
In quick, the condominium Treasure at Tampines has a great deal to provide to the consumer and that is definitely an reason why therefore several households. About 50% of the families in Tampines have 3-4 men.
Tampines nucleus
This really is one of Tampines'biggest centres. With smoother vacation, like escalators, it’s improved within the years. Parking spaces from 2 different access items will also be accessible. You will discover the majority of the points you need to do in the Tampines Store and the long run Treasure at Tampines people know that this really is one of the very famous stores in the region.
Century Square
Square of the century is Tampines'oldest shop, and the six-story keep has several items you wish to stay static in Tampines’Luxury. Every floor has objects from surface floor food delivery kiosks to activities and actions at the very first ground and top stage entertainment. The Center has undergone many changes following renovation. You spend hours buying and getting hundreds of factors in the store.
1 glasses
This is actually the newest primary of the three, and many citizens need to make use of their facilities. While smaller compared to the Tampines Center, it gives exemplary alternatives, such as supermarkets and restaurants.
There are other instances why you must select an apartment near to buying centres, like The Treasure at Tampines. Some of the advantages to be noted:
Link to the hardware
If you wish to keep in a single place with less shopping malls, you’d feel frustrated because your stock comes low. It provides resident alternatives, as Treasure at Tampines presents different looking malls. We do not have to move within their own houses, because we can visit the shops and buy anything they want.
Space to waterproof
Because Treasure at Tampines is nearby, you just go or push to shopping centres. That stimulates and strengthens the entire searching experience.
Order Restaurant
While it is possible to enter the Treasure at Tampines, buying malls provide you and your loved ones with a selection of restaurants. Do not feel just like cooking? Shouldn’t feel like cooking? Would not you want to prepare? Just proceed to the dining areas and have a quick lunch.
Those are clearly only a few cases on how to live in the comfort on Tampines.
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Treasure at Tampines by Sim Lian definitely discusses every aspect of life that homeowners may receive from a project that gives great ease and option of important amenities in their proper spot. Login early to match the most crucial Treasure at Tampines information. Treasure Treasure.
How to own Tampines
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